Introdcution to ZC25 series SPI Flash Emulator

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Introdcution to ZC25 series SPI Flash Emulator

Postby eject » Wed May 16, 2007 12:37 pm

ZC25 series is SPI ROMTER made by SRAM, also we're the only one we know in market doing SPI ROMTER by SRAM.

With SAMEDISK technology, there is USB2.0 IF passed IC and SAMEDISK Engine chip in case. So USB is the only port you need, no printer, rs232, lpt....

ZC2580 download 8Mbit within 1 sec.
ZC2564 takes only 2.5 sec to download 64Mb from PC
(please reference to FAQ, speed section)

Some SPI Flash chip takes 1 minute to erase only, not include program & verify. If you're fighting with high density Flash everyday as a firmware engineer or system verify engineer, you will spend lots of time/many time for wait and have a coffee during download. Sometimes I will forget what I just modify several minutes before after download complete.

From now, with SAMEDISK. You will lost your chance for tea break, coffee time, SKYPE/MSN time and finish project earlier.

Supported SPI Command

SPI Clock Speed

Product Link
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