ZC25XX USB Emulator SPI Clock Speed

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ZC25XX USB Emulator SPI Clock Speed

Postby eject » Wed May 09, 2007 5:27 pm

SPI Clock speed is another consideration for system verify
In supported commands, Read(03H) & Fast Read(0BH) are most critical
STM M25P Read=20MHz, Fast Read=50MHz
MXIC MX25L Read=20MHz, Fast Read=50MHz
MXIC MX25L(A) Read=33MHz, Fast Read=85MHz
ATMEL AT26DF Read=33MHz, Fast Read=70MHz
SST SST25VF Read=25MHz, Fast Read=50MHz
Winbond W25B Read=33MHz, Fast Read=40MHz
Winbond W25P Read=25MHz, Fast Read=50MHz
Winbond W25X Read=33MHz, Fast Read=70MHz
All of these data are from their datasheet with specified Voltage & condition
ZC25XX is tested for Read=33MHz, Fast Read=66MHz with no-cable & direct connect to socket
Cable Loading will increased by distance to reduce speed
We strongly suggest reduce Cable & PCB Trace if your design is running on high speed SPI clock.
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