DIP8 adaptors

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DIP8 adaptors

Postby info » Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:25 am

SAMEDISK provide 2 kinds of DIP8 adaptors.
The first one is bigger one.
This adaptor could directly connect to emulator with (2.54mm) cable adaptor.
There are 8 pins (300mil) under the adaptor to easily plug into target board’s DIP8 socket.
And also provide extra 600mil pitch for soldering pins to hook up logic analyzer.
It’s convenient for people who need to measure up over SPI bus.

Another one is mini adaptor
Under the adaptor is DIP8 Socket,
Above adaptor transfer to 1.27mm pins,
And connect to emulator with 1.27mm to 2.54mmcalbe adaptor.
If the position of your target board’s DIP8 socket critical
This mini adaptor will be your best choice.
Big size adaptor may not fit properly.
Have you face such an embarrass situation before?
No doubt, just put on more DIP8 sockets to get higher position will be OK.
Notice: add on more DIP8 sockets will cause heavy signal delay, SPI bus running
in high frequency may not work properly.
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