ZC2511 SPI flash programmer (SPI flash copier)

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ZC2511 SPI flash programmer (SPI flash copier)

Postby info » Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:20 pm

Sometimes you may feel notebook is lacking of USB port
when you need to program SPI flash,
you need to remove an USB debive and plug in your SPI programmer.
(and even your USB hub is running out of port)
that's why you need ZC2511 SPI flash programmer ( SPI flash copier),
it's more convenient to program.
Main niut is showed as below:
3 buttons
6 LED display
1 DC +5V input cable
and 1 mini-USB

In main unit, it is divied into 2 divisions.
Left side is "SPI1", and right side is "SPI2"
Basically you can copy from SPI1 to SPI2
(there is a triangle sign means copy direction)
let's pratice on it now.
After you have finished using ZC2564 emulator and verified function,
you may need to program a real SPI flash chip to burn in test.
first, connecting ZC2564 SPI flash emulator to SPI1 side,
(in the same region, the three male and female pin header and connectors are in the same pin define)
then, insder the DC cable into ZC2564 SPI flash emulator's DC jack.
a little strange?
isn't it a DC in?
For future use, we have designed it with both DC in and DC out function.
and insert your flash into sokcera and plug in SPI-2 region.
We have varies socket and adaptors for your option.
Choose the one fit your SPI flash package,
such as DIP, SO8, SO8W, SO16

Under adaptor, there is a 1.27mm, 2*4 female header,
you can plug adaptor directly in to 1.27mm pin header on ZC2511
Even SO16's adaptor can work in the same way as well.
then press RESET button,
it locate on the left of MINI USB connector,
After reset, ZC2511will start to read ID form both SPI1 region and SPI2 region, and compare both of SPI1 region and SPI2 region in the same density.
if any red light displyed on LED
you need to have a check on it.
it may be:
there are different desity between SPI1 and SPI2
SPI copier will start working if both SPI1 and SPI2 in the same desity,

another reason may be SPI flash being located in the wrong direction,
or not properly to fit the pin header.
As ZC2511 can disable the bus if user plug in the wrng direction to protect your SPI flash chip being burned.
elase reason may be you got a new SPI flash chip that ZC2511 has not supported yet ( Contact us to add in new SPI flahs chip's ID)
confirm that LED besides the RESET button is in blue light,
if it's in blue light means "ready"
drag&drop your binary code into samefile's drop zone,
(or your code is already inside ZC2564 SPI flash emulator)
Press right side BT1 button ( it will start to run chip erase + program)
SPI-2 's LED red light will in slow blinking,
means in "chip erase"
After "chip erase"
SPI-2 's LED red light will in fast blinking,
means in "programming"
(copy ZC2511 SPI flash emulator's contents to real serial flash)
After copy action being finished, all LED will displayed in blue light.
you may concern about the programming data would be correctly or not?
Please press BT2 button,
ZC2511 will do verify with SPI1 and SPI2,
If verify fail will show up red light,
Verify successful will display in 3 blue light.
now you can take of adaptor and plug it into target board for burn in test.

SPI Flash copier
Just programming your SPI flash device without any driver and APP
All you have to do is pressing button only.
Smart and practical for engineer use.
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