ZC29640 - 64Mb NOR Emulator Part II, ID CFI

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ZC29640 - 64Mb NOR Emulator Part II, ID CFI

Postby eject » Mon Nov 05, 2007 9:32 am

For Emulator reporting ID to HOST chipset
Like our ZC25 series RDID
ID/AutoSelect 555/AA, 2AA/55, 555/90

- STM M29DW640F 0020227E (Default)
- ATMEL AT49BV422A 001F00C8
- ATMEL AT49BV422AT 001F00C9
- SST SST39VF6401B 00BF236D
- SST SST39VF6402B 00BF236C
- Samsung K8D6x16UTM 00EC22E0
- Samsung K8D6x16UBM 00EC22E2
- MXIC MX29LV640DT 00C222C9
- MXIC MX29LV640DB 00C222CB
- Winbond W19B320AT 00DA227E
- AMD AM29LV640D 000122D7

Of course, you can modify ID by Notepad, PE2, and then save to file

For CFI command reporting
- CFI 55/98
File contain is what emulator report to HOST when ask CFI
Including CFI & EXT section (CFI...... QRY.....)
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