La Fonera WiFi Router -- FON2100E with ZC2564 SPI Romter

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La Fonera WiFi Router -- FON2100E with ZC2564 SPI Romter

Postby Haki » Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:54 pm

FON Hacking?
No, just buy one for fun and testing on ZC2564 SPI flash Emulator.
FON is cheap enoguh, even if it's broken, I won't be upset for too long time.

First of all, open the case.

Inside is less of compnents with simple and clear design.
SPI Flash is using 64Mbits SO16 package, from MXIC.
Desoldering SPI flash and you can see footprints on PCB.
Looks like Dual Layout SO8 & SO16 footprint.
After using a multimeter to check it, we found SO8 footprint is not matching with a real flash chip's pin assignment.
Mistake on PCB layout?
Or some special function in this SO8 footprint?
I have no idea.
It's a pity that we could not soldering a 1.27mm 2*4 male pin on it.
otherwise it should be more convenient.
It's OK.
Just using a calbe and directly soldering onto SO16 footprint is fine.
Although it's in 16 pins, but in fact we only using 8 pins of them.
in fact 8 pins soldering job is fast, and have a stable signal on SPI bus.
without the bother of the male pin's hight, soldering cable directly could be more easy to put PCB back to case.
In this way, we put it back with cable easily.
It would be more safe during development, without too much concern on short problem.
After plug cabel on ZC2564 SPI flash emulator and run SAMEFILE
downloding 64Mbits binary code into SPI ROMTER.
less than 3 seconds, super fast!
power on FON after opening SAMEFILE's Debugviewer function.
Monitoring SPI command and address clearly to debug.
yeah~FON is running well.
Scan with NOTEBOOK,
"Myplace" found!
and also could Login to setup and save.
Running well with ZC2564.

I also put a silent and short video on youtube, go to check how Debugviewer is monitering:
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Re: La Fonera WiFi Router -- FON2100E with ZC2564 SPI Romter

Postby eject » Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:04 pm

More information about FON could be found here:
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