How to use tty0tty?

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How to use tty0tty?

Postby Hanming » Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:03 pm

Open your browser, go to then search tty0tty
click on Linux null-modem emulator - Project Web Hosting ... from search results
then click on "Download Linux null-modem emulator files"
then click on Download tty0tty-1.0.tar.gz (13.4 KB) to enter download page
You can wait 5 seconds to start download or click direct link to start download
After finish downloading, close browser
open a terminal then switch to download folder to untar
use command: tar -xvf tty0tty-1.0.tar.gz to untar the file
after untared, switch to tty0tty-1.0/modely
you'll see two files in this folder, Makefile and tty0tty.c
before make file, you need to fix some make error
use text editor modify tty0tty.c
nano tty0tty.c
find -> init_MUTEX(&tty0tty->sem);
then change init_MUTEX(&tty0tty->sem); to sema_init(&tty0tty->sem, 1);
you can use ctrl+w to search
then ctrl+o to save
ctrl+x to exit
then run make
after make, check if there is a file call tty0tty.ko
then run sudo insmod tty0tty.ko
after you press the enter key, you can find 6 ports under /dev named tnt0 to tnt7
you need to do this each time after you reboot your system
you can add it to a corn job if you want

install putty:
sudo apt-get install putty
after installed putty
you need to run putty with super user permission
sudo putty
then select serial
type in the port name you desired under serial line
such as /dev/tnt0
then open another terminal, switch to samefile folder
sudo ./samefile -u /dev/tnt1

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